"The Axle Release came to the rescue for us here at Bloomfield Bicycle & Repair Shop in Connecticut. I had a customer come in to pick up a repaired bike (front wheel quick release conversion) before she went away on vacation. We had not been able to complete the conversion and of course she was in a hurry. I then remembered that we just got the Axle Release and within a few minutes we had a very satisfied customer. Your product is everything you make it out to be!  You certainly have earned our business!  I have been in business for more than 55 years and I am not usually impressed with new products but you have lived up to your words.  Great product!"

Mike Wolf
Bloomfield Bicycle and Repair
Bloomfield, CT


We at Cycle Logic Bike Shop have added this cool product to our inventory! This product increased our sales! Usually, we would normally have to sell the customer a QR-wheel, thus costing the customer more than they would like to spend. This product allows them to have the same quick release (wrenchless) operation that nicer bikes come with at a much lower cost. Great to have at the register!

Allen J. Hodapp
Cycle Logic Bike Shop
San Antonio, TX


"I own an older bike with a solid rear axle. I ordered a set of Axle Releases because, last weekend, I had a flat 8 miles in on a ride along the American River Parkway with my son. Without tools to replace the rear tube, our ride was over. It was our first ride together. My son rode back for the vehicle and I had a 2 mile hike to the meet him on the road. Not fun!

"My local bike shop had no other solution than a new wheel – a rather expensive “fix” for an older, early ‘80’s bike. Fortunately, I found Axle Release after an internet search, and ordered a set. The hardest part of installing the Axle Releases was getting the old nut off the axle!

"Yesterday, on a solo ride along the same trail, a couple of miles further on, I had another blow out! It was no trouble at all to “pop” (pun intended) the rear wheel off, replace the tube, re-install the wheel and get back on the road. What a difference a week and a set of Axle Releases made! Last week – end of ride and a long hike in my socks; this week – five minutes and back on the bike!

"The Axle Releases are solid, well-made units that are easy to install…And what a simple idea! They’re one of those inventions that, once you look at it, it’s so simple, yet on the mark…kind of like the wheel or the fork.

"Quick releases haven’t been an option for solid axles…until now! I’m sold! I have no intention of ever riding without quick releases front and back. Thanks, Axle Release!"

Ian Wilson
Roseville, CA