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Quick Release Technology Now Available for the Rest of the World’s Bikes

-Popular feature of high-end bikes makes its way to the masses with CCT’s Axle Release—making wheel removal a snap for solid threaded axles -


 HEBER CITY, UTAH – May 11, 2011 – CCT, a new cycling technologies firm, today announces the availability of Axle Release™, the world’s first quick release adapter for solid threaded bicycle axles. Cycling enthusiasts can now enjoy the easy and speed of wheel removal using quick release technology – a feature previously used only on high-end cycles.

 Axle Release fits on any solid threaded axle, instantly converting it to a quick release axle, and is especially aimed at consumers who buy entry-level bikes for adults or children, beach cruisers, BMX,  ebikes, and commuter bikes.

 Axle Release benefits include:

-          Faster mounting on automobile roof and carry racks

-          Quicker break-down of bikes to transport in trunks

-          Fast removal of a tire for flat repair without the use of bulky wrenches

-          Easily upgrade older bikes to be more user friendly – extending their life and value

“Serious riders have long been frustrated by the dual standard available in the marketplace: they enjoy quick release for their high-end bikes, but the rest of their bikes, and their family bikes, do not have this simple feature. All bicycles can now have the benefits of quick release with Axle Release,” said Michael Coombs, CEO of Coombs Cycling Technologies (CCT). “Electronic windows in cars finally made it to the masses twenty years ago, and we think every bike, starting today, should have quick release axles.”

Axle Release designers created the product after two years of research and development and partnership meetings with top manufacturers around the world. Market and prototype testing led to the final product, which includes independent cams on each side of the hub, “open” warning indicators, and rotational washers for symmetrical lineup of release leavers.

Axle release was recently endorsed by Fallbrook Technologies Inc.’s NuVinci® N360™. Customers enjoy the simple idea too, “The Axle Releases are solid, well-made and easy to install. And what a simple idea! …kind of like the wheel or the fork,” said an Axle Release customer.

Consumers can locate a local Axle Release dealer at and use the ‘dealer locator’ tool, or order directly online at .

About Coombs Cycling Technologies (CCT)

Coombs Cycling Technologies LLC (CCT) is a research and development company of specialized bicycle components and accessories. CCT was founded by Michael Coombs after he invented the Axle Release system. The company’s mission is to create innovative, quality bicycle components that help improve the cycling experience. The company is headquartered in Heber City, Utah. For more information, visit